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 Read About What Capitalism
 Is Really Like

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Restore Integrity In The American System 

Read the self-help book VICTORS FROM VICTIMS PLAN by Richard Balser for a thoughtful indictment of the excesses of America's capitalist system. Balser had a real estate business that he lost to unscrupulous capitalists.



In VICTORS FROM VICTIMS PLAN you'll learn about how capitalism in America really works. (425) 374-4241

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Learn about the dangers presented by the current capitalist system in the self-help book VICTORS FROM VICTIMS PLAN by Richard Balser in Everett, Washington. In addition to diagnosing some of the more serious problems our country faces, it offers problem solving for those facing adversity throughout the United States. The book is educational, political, and autobiographical in that it draws from the life experiences of the author and his wife. The author had a $10 million real estate business. But because he made the mistake of trusting everyone, he was forced into involuntary bankruptcy. His goal is to bring back integrity, responsibility, and accountability for wrongful behavior in American capitalism. His faith also plays a role and he's very strong in the Holy Spirit and getting people oriented towards improving their lives. The book focuses on his experiences and provides insight and first hand observations to help others. He enjoys communicating concepts and ideas and wants to make a contribution to the revitalization of our country.


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