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The operation of Capitalism under the Constitution of the United States of America needs to be corrected so that its profit making achievements do not continue to contribute to serious adverse consequences. As administered under our form of legislative, executive, and judicial officers, Capitalism has become unsustainable and economically self-destructive. In some applications, it encourages abusive exploitation of the vulnerable by the greedy, as in foreclosures and penalty interest rates. In other applications, it rewards offshore production that destroys our nation's economic base by attracting the delivery of increased investor profits at higher priorities than maintaining sustainable local production.

My wife and I suffered our own personal loss of real estate equities in excess of $10 million following fraudulent presentations and unlawful actions under an involuntary bankruptcy in the 1995 to 1999 period by a wealthy Seattle area realtor joined by a leading developer, plus a third party nationally recognized operator acting against us even while proposing to represent our best interests. They netted near $5 Million from us. That was just abusive capitalism in a federal court with no accountability for the adverse consequences we experienced. Although appeals were processed through the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court System and even submitted to the United States Supreme Court, the final resolutions were dismissed on the basis of various protections of immunity from prosecution of wrongdoings by government officers in the Department of Justice. The loss of all of our assets included our home and 40-foot yacht and its 45-foot covered marina slip. We were left saddled with near $3 million in Net Operating Losses and still pay $350 per month to the IRS dating back to 1992 as a bitter conclusion. We attribute all this to the lack of integrity, irresponsibility, and failure of accountability to correct the adverse consequences brought about by, and encountered within, several of the private, public, and federal court entities involved.

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